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Access points to the James focus of city planners, citizens

NBC12’s Laura Geller reported on a meeting between city planners and residents on access to the James River, something we’ve discussed at length with James River News Hub. From NBC12:   Continue reading


Ralph White: Great blue heron rookery is ‘unique experience’

James River Park manager Ralph White at Pipeline Rapids

Credit: NBC12.com

NBC12 paid a visit to the great blue heron rookery at Pipeline Rapids in downtown Richmond and spoke with James River Park manager Ralph White, who was as colorful and knowledgable as ever.  See the video on NBC12.com: Continue reading

Signage coming this month to complete Richmond Slave Trail

Credit: NBC12.com

The Richmond Slave Trail Commission has been working hard to create and develop the 2.5 mile path retracing the steps taken by so many slaves during Richmond’s infamous time as a hub for slave trade. The idea of the trail began in the late 1990s and should finally be complete next month. See the report from NBC12’s Yvette Yeon:

You’ll soon see a whole lot of new trail markers and signage put up around Richmond’s Shockoe Slip. After two years, the Richmond Slave Trail is now complete. The trail starts at Ancarrow’s Landing just south of Shockoe Slip and the James River.

By April 3, all 17 markers should be in place.  Each one, illustrating what slaves went through at that particular spot, with pictures and explanations — something you can’t even see in the history books.

Caught on tape: Albino python prowls at Belle Isle

Snake in the James River at Belle Isle

Credit: NBC12

A Richmond man on Belle Isle shot video of an eight-foot long albino snake, perhaps a python, as it slithered in the James River, according to NBC12’s Tara Morgan.  The snake was someone’s pet and the owner let it loose for a while Sunday, freaking out some onlookers. Was it legal? The NBC12 said:

According to Richmond Parks and Recreation, there’s no regulation against bringing a snake-like that into a city park but once you let go of that reptile you’re breaking state law and it could lead to jail time. It’s against state law for reptile owners to knowingly allow them to run at large or in this case slither.

Planning Commission approves Cannon Creek Greenway

If you are following the progress of Mayor Dwight Jones’ Pedestrian, Bicycling and Trails Planning Commission — promising to implement a “Complete Streets” policy and making room for cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians on city roadways — today was a big step in the name of progress. See this report from NBC12’s Rachel DePompa:

Plans for a bike and pedestrian trail in north Richmond cleared a major hurdle today. The Richmond Planning Commission green lighted the creation of a new greenway along the Richmond-Henrico Turnpike. 

As of now this area of north Richmond is a virtual dumping ground. The residents here want to see this place turned into a scenic greenway.

Ever wondered how de-icer chemicals affect the James?

Kristen Evans, Chesapeake Bay FoundationHow many of you have wondered while riding on a bridge over the James River how the chemicals and salt on the road would affect the aquatic life once it hits the water?

Not all de-icers are good for our environment. Between VDOT and individual use, de-icing products to help keep the roadways and walkways around your home safe.  Some of these products are detrimental to the health of one of Virginia’s most vital resources — the Chesapeake Bay. NBC12’s Ros Runner reported on the impact to the environment:

“Salt can be very harmful for aquatic ecosystems, particularly fresh water ecosystems, but the biggest risk with de-icers is when they contain nitrogen, nitrogen is the #1 pollution problem in the Chesapeake Bay,” said Kristen Evans with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Excess nitrogen causes a rapid increase of algae in the water which can be toxic to fish, trees, plants and other organisms vital to the health of the bay.

When nitrogen containing de-icing products are used, runoff from a moderate rainfall easily washes this material into storm drains, which ultimately carries it to the rivers, lakes and streams that feed directly into the Chesapeake Bay.

“We have learned from VDOT that they do not use de-icers with nitrogen and they in fact take steps to minimize the amount of salt that they put on the roads, which is good for all of us and it’s certainly good for them because they are saving money on road salt,” Evans said.

So what can you do to help out at home?

“Certainly the most important thing that an individual homeowner can do when they’re going to purchase de-icer at the hardware store is look on the bag and make sure it does not contain a product called urea, U-R-E-A, that’s the code word for it contains nitrogen.  If you can pick another product, that is a really important step in protecting the bay,” Evans said.

Be sure to read the labels carefully. The ingredient urea will likely be in small print and could be easy to miss. 

Man rescued from river near Pipeline Rapids

Report from NBC12 posted around 10 a.m. Saturday morning, man found along Pipeline Rapids in downtown Richmond along a trail east of the Manchester bridge:

A homeless man was pulled from the James River near Brown’s Island just after 3 a.m. Saturday.  A spokesperson for Richmond Fire says they don’t know yet just how long the man had been trapped there. A security guard in the area heard someone screaming and called police. Richmond’s water rescue team found the man on the wrong side of the flood wall.

The man was traveling along the pipe system when he was swept away by the water. It took the water rescue team 40 minutes to pull him to safety. The man was taken to the hospital for treatment. There is no word on his condition.