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Half-priced raft trips at Riverside Outfitters through LivingSocial

Riverside Outfitters has a half-priced deal on rafting trips through LivingSocial.

Coming soon to James River News Hub, a 2011 preview of all that Riverside Outfitters has to offer.


Access Week: Support for boat landing under Willey Bridge?

Under the Edward E. Willey Bridge on the south bank at Cherokee RoadPhil Riggan – James River News Hub

Access Week! One of the first complaints most people have when discussing the James River in Richmond is that there aren’t enough access points. This is Day 2 as James River News Hub tackles the topic of access points.

Gates to enter the Willey Bridge property off Cherokee RoadThe Edward E. Willey Bridge is just east of Bosher’s Dam (discussed Day 1) and is located in an exclusive neighborhood. The property that could make a good access point for the James is located under the bridge’s two “S” shaped spans on the south bank of the river off Cherokee Road.

There is potential for a boat landing, potentially similar to the one at Huguenot Flatwater. There is very little attractive landscape to this area under the bridge, and it is sandwiched in between some very high-priced homes. Cherokee Road is narrow, hilly and sometimes dangerous in this area.

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RIVER LOVERS: Matt Perry, Riverside Outfitters

Matt Perry of Riverside OutfittersNAME & PROFESSION: Matt Perry, President and co-owner Riverside Outfitters. 

JAMES RIVER ORGANIZATIONS: Friends of the James River Park, James River Outdoor Coalition, James River Association. 

WHY YOU LOVE THE JAMES: It’s incredible, natural beauty that changes with the seasons. Diversity of recreation options. Nature dictates the character of the river — not men and dam release schedules. It’s a collective backyard for us all in a time when “apart” seems to be more prevalent than “together.”

Matt Perry, President and co-owner Riverside Outfitters. HOW YOU HELP THE RIVER: Help people fall in love (or back in love) with it. Advocate publicly for its protection and conservation. Donate time and money to river-based causes. Clean up litter. Dislodge severe strainers. Ensure my kids understand its importance and magnificence. Keep it company every chance I get. Deeply appreciate it. 

WHAT WOULD YOU IMPROVE OR CHANGE: Spread the love from two or three areas of high-density river use (Belle Isle, Pony Pasture, Huguenot Flatwater) to five or six areas of lower-density use (including better access and parking at Bosher’s Dam, Powhite or  maybe the Pump House).

Obama answers question on James River, sort of

President Barack Obama visited Richmond in one of several appearances he is making across the country ahead of the November election. He met with citizens at the Southampton Recreation Association in South Richmond. One of the participants asked a question about the James River and the environment:

Participant asks question of President Barack Obama on EPA, environmentPARTICIPANT: I’d like to ask you about a local and regional issue, the James River that runs through Richmond here and the Chesapeake Bay and into which it goes, you know, [Matt Perry, Riverside Outfitters] depend on the James River to make a living with their outfitting company. Your EPA has very thankfully initiated a wonderful effort to finally clean up all the waters that enter the Chesapeake Bay. However, our state government is resisting playing its part, whereas going ahead with this clean-up would create thousands of private-sector jobs, as well as the benefits from clean water and better fish, they’re saying that we can’t afford to do this in this economy, but actually doing it would be the kind of thing that would help the economy and our waters recover. Do you have anything to say about that?

President Barack Obama answers question about EPA, environmentPRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I agree with you and I’ll pass on your suggestions to Mr. [Governor Bob] McDonnell. Because — but look, the point you make, I think, is important, sort of a general point, which is for a long time, we tended to think of the environment in conflict with the economy, right? The notion was, clean air, clean water, is nice to have, but, you know, if it comes down to it, it’s more important that we have jobs. The point you’re making is that clean air and clean water can improve the economy and create new jobs if we think about it in creative ways. And that’s part of the argument that I’ve been making about clean energy. Let me give you an example. When I came into office, we were producing about 2 percent of the advanced batteries that are used in hybrid cars and electric cars. 2 percent of the market, and we were probably just barely hanging on. Eventually if you only got 2 percent of the market, you’re going tone up with zero percent of the market, so what we did was, we said as part of the recovery act, let’s invest in a made in America, home-grown, battery manufacturing effort. And we now have, across the country, people working in factories making advanced batteries that are going into American-made cars because what we also did at the same time was we raised fuel efficiency standards on cars and trucks for the first time in 30 years. We didn’t do that, by the way, through leg laying, we actually — legislation, we actually got auto workers and auto companies and environmentalists and all the stakeholders to agree on raising fuel efficiency standards nationally, so it didn’t get a lot of attention because it wasn’t a big ruckus in Washington, we just did it. And so auto makers now want to make more fuel-efficient cars and we now have the advanced battery manufacturing here in the United States to take advantage of that new market. We estimate that by 2015, we’re going to have 40 percent of the advanced battery market, so you’ve got a home-grown manufacturing industry here in the United States putting people to work in good jobs and good wages. But that wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t a market for clean cars.

NOTE: Full transcipt courtesy www.NBC12.com

Riverside Outfitters’ Matt Perry meeting Obama in Richmond

Matt Perry of Riverside OutfittersMatt Perry of Riverside Outfitters will be meeting with President Barack Obama today as he comes to Richmond to host a discussion on economic issues at the Southampton Recreation Association. See what NBC12’s Ryan Nobles wrote on his Decision Virginia blog:

President Barack Obama will meet today with the Perry family during his visit to Richmond.  Matt Perry and his wife Stephanie have two children. He is the president of the Southampton Community Association where the event is taking place. He is also the co-owner of Riverside Outfitters, a local company that provides recreation opportunities on the James River.

Perry has actually been a frequent contributor to NBC12 News. We have interviewed him for a number of stories that deal with everything from water levels on the James River, to how his business was given a boost by people choosing to stay close to home for their vacations.