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Lessons for Richmond & James from Montgomery’s Riverwalk

Amphitheater and Riverwalk on the Alabama River in downtown Montgomery, Alabama

By Phil Riggan
James River News Hub

Downtown Montgomery, Ala., has an interesting and relatively new Riverwalk situated on the banks of the Alabama River in a location that in many ways resembles the curve the tidal James River makes as it heads south at the Intermediate Terminal and Rocketts Landing in downtown Richmond.

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Virginia Living getting on board the East Coast Greenway effort

Virginia LivingTricia Pearsall is a writer for Virginia Living and a member of the James River Outdoor Coalition. She wrote an article about the East Coast Greenway, noting that Virginia will spend $150 million on roads this year. Instead, why not spend some of that money on a greenway where it can be used for recreation, and/or alternative transportation?

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